Before we release a new variety to the market, it gets thoroughly tested by Serious growers. Serious Seeds constantly works on developing new seeds. Several interesting plants are crossed to get TEST seeds. A lot of space and time goes into TESTING those NEW SEEDS. Simon, the owner and breeder of Serious Seeds, wants to ONLY release a strain, when he is totally satisfied with its unique properties, next to stability and uniformity.

When we like TEST seeds of a new cross ourselves, the next thing is testing by other people. PROMO seeds (basically: TEST seeds) are given away at fairs to everybody who buys a pack of seeds at our booth (fairs: Spannabis, Cultiva, Expogrow, Cannafest, High Times Cannabis Cup etc). We like to get feedback per e-mail or IG after people have grown them.

When we get positive feed back about this new variety, it will step up the ladder to be a LIMITED EDITION. This means we sell a limited amount of 1000 packs of this variety (each with a unique serial number). Now we call that variety ‘SERIOUSLY LIMITED’. We welcome all comments of growers about this SERIOUSLY LIMITED Variety. Only when people really like this new LIMITED strain(variety) it makes the final step up the ladder into the Serious’ menu, and into the Serious Catalogue. 

This means: SERIOUSLY LIMITED seeds are limited, ‘only’ 1000 packs will be sold. This amount is big enough for everybody to try it out, and big enough to really see that there are no problems with those seeds. Gone is gone, so you better get your SERIOUSLY LIMITED seeds soon if  they appeal to you. Unless it moves onto the menu, we will not produce that variety again. 

All feedback on a SERIOUSLY LIMITED variety is very welcome and can be e-mailed to

Your experience and opinion decides if this LIMITED variety is here to stay or not.

Seeds which have been tested before making it onto the Serious’ menu are: Serious 6 and Serious Happiness. Several promo seeds never made it into a LIMITED EDITION. As example: White Delight seeds were given away in 2019. More than one grower saw Hermaphrodites although we never saw this ourselves. But this was enough reason to stop right away with this TEST variety.


Present SERIOUSLY LIMITED varieties are CBD-Warlock and Kali-Bubba.

COMING SOON, our new SERIOUSLY LIMITED variety :  ‘SERIOSA’.  (Serious Mimosa x AK47


Our Seriously Limited Cannabis Seeds

CBD-Warlock strain - cannabis seeds

Very high CBD possible

Ratio of THC:CBD varies

Very flavorful

50,00 €
KaliBubba strain - cannabis seeds

Big yielder

Sweetness of Bubble Gum

Spiciness of Kali Mist

70,00 €