Serious 7 Strain

Serious 7 is a trade mark name invented and registered by us for the seeds we sell under this name since 1995.
F1-hybrid, almost pure Sativa

Experience the Serious 7 strain, designed to defy fungus & finish early! Enjoy hefty buds, ready before other plants, ensuring you stay a step ahead of unpredictable autumn weather. A grower's pride!Read more

Serious 7 Strain Characteristics
Recommended veg. time
Indoor flowering time
8 weeks (only for outdoor)
Indoor yield
500 - 1000 gram per plant
Outdoor harvest time
mid/late September
THC levels
CBD levels

Serious 7 Strain Description

The 'Serious 7' finishes fast under the sun, it's ready before most other plants are. The buds are big and usually without any fungus. This makes 'Serious 7' the perfect plant for people wanting to grow outside in the garden. It's made to be ready before the really bad autumn weather kicks in, and to withstand conditions which make other plants succumb to fungus.


'Serious 7' delivers an end product that makes every grower proud! 

This plant, the '7', is an improvement of the white pheno of 'Serious 6'. We have been working for many years to improve the 'Serious 6'. Finally we found a fantastic mother plant. And although the plan was to come up with a fully pink version of the 'Serious 6', instead the result for now, is a version with only white pistils: 'Serious 7'.

What is the difference between the '7' and 'Serious 6'? 'Serious 7' is a plant that is more uniform than 'Serious 6' in all respects. The 'Ser.6' has more variation overall. The harvest date of all 'Serious 7's is similar to that of the earliest 'Serious 6' plants (the exact date depends on where you live, more to the North -> harvest later, more to the south ->an earlier harvest). Generally both 6 and 7 are ready in the month September. If you live far to the south (south of France/Spain) it can be ready even before Sep. In the NL, most of the UK, and Germany it will be the 2nd half of sep. The odour is still very much similar to 'Serious 6'; lemony and anise with spicy undertones, but usually less pungent than 'Serious 6' when growing in the garden. Surely an advantage if you want to stay good friends with nosey neighbours.

'Serious 7' also has more crystals, making it an interesting plant for people who want to collect the trichomes for hash making. It's a bit stronger and always has white pistils, never pink, which is what the 'Serious 6' is famous for. To lose those pink colours is not what we wanted, but in breeding you have to make choices and compromises. The pink colours of 'Serious 6' are beautiful for as long as the plant is alive. Dried buds do not retain the pink colour. 

The '7' also has less tendency to grow as tall as the 'Serious 6'. Germinated seeds started from before May till around the end of May can give really tall 'Serious 6' plants that could be visible for neighbours. The '7' will also grow bigger when started early but not as tall as the '6' can. All in all the 'Serious 7' is the best choice to grow in gardens with neighbours around.

In the description of 'Serious 6' we advise against growing the '6' indoors under lights. Why? The reason is that a small percentage of the '6' could turn into hermies. Indoors the few problematic 'Serious 6' plants are easy to spot. Indoors Ser.6 either turns hermie or not. And if they do, it's very noticeable: full clusters of male flowers will be everywhere on the plant. You don't need to search for small hidden flowers on female plants because they are never there. The majority of 'Serious 6' will however not herm, but even one or two hermies in a grow room will ruin everything when they are left to ripen and shed pollen in the room. Outdoors there are absolutely no problems with 'Serious 6'; you won't see hermies in the outdoors garden. But be aware that indoors it could be a problem. This tendency makes the '6' not unsuitable for indoors for everybody, and we like to warn our customers. (Despite many experienced growers having grown the '6' indoors with superb results, not everybody will remove the problem plants in time so as to prevent the growing of seeds from happening.)

We have not tried to grow the '7' indoors at all; all flowering and selections have been done outdoors. However, we suspect that the '7' might be a much better choice to grow indoors compared to the 'Serious 6'.
At the moment of writing this text we do not have enough information to give sound advice on indoor growing of 'Serious 7'. That means we welcome all reports and feedback from people who try the '7' indoors under artificial lights. This description will be changed when we learn more regarding indoor growing. We always want to give honest information, even if it turns out to be negative. 

The 'Serious 7' is a rewarding strain. We have started to sell this variety only after we started giving it away as promo seed to people who ordered 'Serious 6' at the Serious' website. Our goal was to get feedback about this variety comparing it to 'Serious 6'.

The following year many people who had tried the promo seeds wanted to buy more 'Serious 7'. We received several emails and calls from people who wanted to get more 'Serious 7' seeds, because they were not available for sale anywhere.

So you, our valued customer, made it clear that this variety is loved by many, meaning we had no other choice than to put it on our menu. Now it is here for you to try. We're sure you will be satisfied.


Serious 7 Reviews

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