Awarded Cannabis Seeds since 1994

Serious Seeds is the home of the classic award winning cannabis strains, the AK-47 strain, the Bubble Gum strain, the Chronic strain, the Kali Mist strain, the White Russian strain, the Serious 6 strain, the Serious Happiness strain, the Serious Kush strainthe Warlock strain and many more.
All of those varieties have won at least one award, but usually (many) more. 

Until March 2021 the Serious’s strains have received more than 100 awards (that we know of!) in different Cannabis competitions around the world.

New Cannabis Seeds Strains

Our Latest Strains

Seriotica strain - cannabis seeds
Purple and red colors
Sugarcoated in crystals
Resistancy against mold
100,00 €
Seriosa strain - cannabis seeds
Short flowering time
Beautiful lila color
High THC
80,00 €
KaliBubba strain - cannabis seeds
Big yielder
Sweetness of Bubble Gum
Spiciness of Kali Mist
70,00 €
Strawberry AK strain - cannabis seeds
Sweet strawberry aroma
Abundance of buds
Easy to manicure
80,00 €
Serious Kush strain - cannabis seeds
Very strong, 28% THC
Extreme amount of crystals
Very uniform plants
70,00 €
Serious Happiness strain - cannabis seeds
Huge yields
Makes everybody smile
Fruity and spicy aroma
70,00 €

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Unlike the regular cannabis seeds, which have 50%-50% of chance of producing a female or male plant, feminized marijuana seeds are specially designed to produce only female plants.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

With quick results in just 70-80 days and no light cycle management needed, Autoflowering marijuana seeds are perfect if you want a fast grow and/or if you are a beginner.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds can result in both male and female plants, which is essential for experienced breeders wanting to create their own seeds or hybrids.

CBD Cannabis Seeds

CBD is a cannabinoid that has almost the same medical properties as THC, but without the psychoactive effect (high/stoned) of THC. Therefore it is suitable as medicine for patients who do not want these effect.

Easy to grow Cannabis Seeds

Our serious selection of cannabis seeds for beginners, all of which are resistant to the most common mistakes often made when growing marijuana seeds for the first time.

SeriousLimited Cannabis Seeds

Before we release a new variety, it gets thoroughly tested by Serious growers. Simon, the owner of Serious Seeds, wants to ONLY release a strain when he is totally satisfied with its unique properties, next to stability and uniformity.

Seriously Medical Cannabis Seeds

Serious Seeds has been supporting the medical marijuana movement since the very beginning. We worked in order to develop a variety with a reliable CBD content (=high CBD content in ALL plants) and a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD.

Pick & Mix Cannabis Seeds

Choose 2 or 3 seeds of different varieties and MIX them in one package. In other words: PICK the strains you want, and MIX them together in one package. First we called this "CUSTOMIZED", now we call it PICK & MIX.

Seeds for novices

Our serious selection of cannabis seeds for beginners, all of which are resistant to the most common mistakes.

Why only 19 strains?

When we improve a strain, we sell the improved product with the same name. Having sixty kinds that are essentially variations on five themes is not our goal.

Guaranteed Quality

We GUARANTEE the quality of our seeds, if any quality-problems occur we will send you a new FREE package of the strain you bought.