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Strawberry AK Strain

Strawberry AK Strain Created by Serious Seeds

F1-hybrid, mostly Sativa
Our Strawberry strain, Frosty, trichome covered buds with an intense strawberry aroma and a strong effect was our breeding goal for this unique variety. We teamed up with King Keil (pron.: King Kyle), a german hip-hop artist and cannabis connoisseur, who was looking for a special variety, worthy of lending his name to. He tasted several pheno-types during the development of the strain and was immediately convinced that this new cross will be a SMASH-HIT
Recommended veg.
3 - 4 weeks
Indoor flowering
9 weeks
Indoor yield
350 - 550 gr/m2
Outdoor harvest
early/mid October
THC level
Very High
CBD level
€ 80,00

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Strain Description

Frosted heads covered in trichomes with an intense strawberry aroma and a powerful effect, this was our breeding goal for this unique strawberry weed.


We refined the mother (=AK-47) and the father (= Bubble Gum) until we were satisfied, and now it's ready for its first release in a limited edition: Strawberry-AKeil (pronounced: Strawberry-AKyle). This sativa-dominant cross combines the frosting and effect of AK-47 with the delicious strawberry aroma and taste of Bubble Gum.

Taste and Aroma: 

As its name suggests: it smells like strawberry! Strawberry AK develops strawberry odors and fragrances throughout flowering. A powerful and enjoyable fragrance that fills the room you are in with its smoke.

Its Cultivation:

Medium-sized, Strawberry AK develops in the shape of a fir tree during the growth period, while favoring the central Bud like its relative: AK-47 during the flowering period. An abundance of buds and an insane amount of trichomes form throughout flowering! The Strawberry AK develops scents that smell like fresh strawberries during flowering.

Its Effects:

With genetics composed of AK-47, the “one hit wonder” is never far away! However, a hybrid genetics that, in addition to a very present physical effect, will be accompanied by a more mental effect conducive to meditation.

In a few numbers: 

Flowering period: 53 to 63 days or 8 to 9 weeks 

THC/CBD levels: 20%/1%

Harvest potential: between 350 and 550 g/M2

In a few words:

Strawberry AK is a terpene-rich genetics, perfect for extractions! Its strawberry flavors and high THC percentage make it a perfect candidate for your ice o lator and other rosin.

Additional Information:

The fruity terpenes of Strawberry AK dominate any grow room they are in and will fill it with an extremely powerful fruity aroma!

A bit of history:

We teamed up with King Keil (pron.: King Kyle), a German hip-hop artist and cannabis connoisseur, who was looking for a special variety, worthy of giving his name. He tasted several phenotypes during the strain's development and was immediately convinced that this new cross would be a HIT.  The tasting of this Strawberry AK weed inspired him so much that he wrote a song dedicated to it, which appears on his album "Weedman Returns"! 

Medium-sized with an abundance of buds and an insane amount of trichomes, it smells like fresh strawberries during flowering. Its fruity terpenes dominate any grow room they are in and will fill it with an extremely powerful fruity aroma. The effect of this Strawberry AK weed is strong, starting with a creative high and then turning into a relaxing stone. It is well suited to patients suffering from chronic pain, but also to patients suffering from anxiety and/or sleep problems.

Strain Reviews

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4.63 / 5 out of 8 ratings

8 Reviews

Christopher M.Verified buyer
Quality without compromise

Growing the strawberry akeil has made me extremely pleased with both the results in the grow and enjoying the end product. The Strain is extremely stable with selection being down to preferance - you could literally run any plant from the seeds and be successful. The Strawberry akeil brings the best qualities of sativas which is a high yielding plant giving around 1g per watt as a minimum, with a high leaf to callyx ratio all while keeping the flower conpact with the resin quality of the indica family. I normally don it stay on one strain for too long but have done several grows of this strain and every time i finish i wonder if ill ever not grow this strain. Couldn it recommend this strain more as its in my top strains ever grown. So thankful serious is out there with the gear if you want serious results.

ToddVerified buyer
Simply Beautiful

Grew mine in a living soil mix.
7 weeks in grow and 9 weeks in flower under a Gavita 1700E LED light.
Stunningly beautiful !!!!
Nice smooth taste and a wonderful smell.
Yield was a little better than average.
I was impressed with my finished product. (And I am very picky about what I smoke).
Would definitely give these seeds a try.

Orsini F.Verified buyer


Tracy R.Verified buyer
It is like smoking the finest

It is like smoking the finest cigar, excellent aroma growing and sweet as can be aroma when you crush a flower, love just smelling it and especially smoking it, you will enjoy it guaranteed, thank you serious seeds

John P.Verified buyer
Excellent strain !

These were actually the very first seeds I ever ordered and they did not disappoint. I grew a couple other strains at the same time, but these were an instant favorite among my friends and I. It would be a tragedy if this strain was not a permanent addition to the Serious line. Thanks for the hard work and production of F1 genes (I’ve noticed a lot of other companies have very few if any F1 parents and I can see the the recessive gene traits when grown side by side). Thanks again !