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Expect 7-14 days after placing your order.


Keep in mind that the country you're ordering from and your method of payment can impact the delivery


For instance; if you choose the payment option ‘Cash in Envelope’, you’ll have to wait before we receive 

your envelope before we start processing and shipping your order.


Please wait a minimum of 14 days after placing your order before reaching out to enquire about your


You can reach us at 


Order €‎90 or less  = €‎5 

Order above €‎90 = FREE 



Order €90 or less  = €‎5 

Order above €‎90 = FREE 



Depends on shipping country and weight


Safe & Registered  

Depends on shipping country and weight

Standard - Order shipped in a normal letter/parcel. The order is untraceable and therefore the risk of 

delivery lies with the customer. 


Safe - Order will be repackaged and sent discreet/hidden. The order is untraceable and therefore the risk 

of delivery lies with the customer. 


Registered - Order will be shipped as a Registered letter/parcel via PostNL. You will receive a tracking 

number so it cannot get lost in the mail. 


Safe & Registered - Order will be repackaged and sent discreet/hidden as a registered letter via PostNL.  

You will receive a tracking number so it cannot get lost in the mail. 

We ship worldwide to all countries. 


Each country has its own specific laws concerning the purchase and growth of cannabis seeds. Serious 

Seeds does not want anybody to act in conflict with any laws applicable within the country they are living. 

Every person buying our seeds is expected to act accordingly. Since cannabis is very beneficial to 

humankind, Serious Seeds are sold as a souvenir to be able to preserve valuable genetics in case laws 

change again. 

Serious Seeds are packed per 11 regular seeds, 6 feminized seeds or 3 feminized seeds (only available for wholesale) in a transparent and airtight tube. This tube is glued or taped to a booklet. 

The front of the booklet has the Serious Seeds logo, the strain name and a symbol for feminized or regular. 

The inside of the booklet features a picture of the strain on the right hand side and informational text on the left hand side. 

The back of the booklet features a disclaimer about cannabis genetics, the Serious Seeds company information and the serial number of the pack. This serial number is very important. 

All packs are individually numbered. The serial number enables us to identify the pack as legitimate Serious Seeds genetics and indicates to us when it’s production was and where it was sold to. 

Do not throw away the package. Retain the package for future reference in case a quality problem occurs with the seeds. We guarantee the quality of our seeds and we issue a free replacement for seeds that do not germinate. 

We will only be able to issue a replacement if the customer is able to provide us with the serial number and we are able to verify the information.