PICK & MIX – the NEW custom packs EXCLUSIVELY available at our website:

Over the years we have received many requests from customers who wanted to buy just a few seeds per strain. Or to combine different seeds in 1 package. Many people prefer to grow just a few plants of different varieties together in one space.

Our SERIOUS solution is to CUSTOMIZE your choice: choose 2 or 3 seeds of different varieties and MIX them in one package. In other words: PICK the strains you want, and MIX them together in one package. First we called this "CUSTOMIZED", now we call it PICK & MIX

You can select freely from our classic strains (= normally GREEN packaging), our medicinal strains (=normally BLUE packaging) and our limited edition strains (=normally SILVER packaging). The seeds of each variety you pick are placed in its own separate tube. A letter code on the tube will tell you which seeds are inside. 

Each PICK & MIX pack has a CARD which shows the seeds you choose. The card has an INDIVIDUAL NUMBER. This number proofs the seeds are GENUINE SERIOUS SEEDS. KEEP that CARD with the NUMBER in case there is a problem and you want to contact us. Without that number you have no guarantee. We GUARANTEE the germination and the SERIOUS QUALITY of all the seeds inside a pack. 

Our seeds have VERY LITTLE problems but it is living material and you never know. That means we will replace the seeds if there are problems with more than 1 seed. We do not send replacements of one single seed. 



Now you can follow your desire and PICK & MIX the package of your CHOICE.

FIRST choose 1 of the 4 POSSIBILITIES below, CLICK on the COMBINATION you prefer for your custom pack,