How to germinate cannabis seeds the Serious Way?

    how to grow step 1-2-3

  1. Take a piece of kitchen paper towel.
  2. Make the paper wet.
    Tap water is ok, but if you want to kill
    all fungae and bacteria on the seeds
    you can wet the paper with a mix of 1
    part of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 5
    parts of distilled water.
  3. Let excess water drip off.
  4. how to grow step 4

  5. Divide the seeds over the half of the paper and fold it.
  6. how to grow step 5-6

  7. Put the paper inside a zip bag so the paper stays wet.
  8. Hang the paper up vertically, water will collect at the bottom of the baggie. Lifting the bag horizontally every 2 days keeps the paper wet
  9. how to grow step 7-8

  10. Check the seeds every day. When they have developed a tap-root of about 1-3 cm (0,5 - 1 inch) you can move them into your medium.
  11. Because the seeds are hung vertically, the root grows straight downwards independent of the position of the seeds.
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  13. Before planting a seed prepare a pot. Fill it with good soil. Press it gently into the pot. Then add water to the soil (this is for the first week)
  14. how to grow step 10

  15. In order to move a seed you can place it carefully onto a spoon with your finger.
  16. how to grow step 11

  17. Make a hole in the soil, much bigger than the seed. Place the seed ON THE EDGE OF THE HOLE with the root pointing straight down.

    Make sure the root is pointing straight down and the seed is positioned ON THE EDGE. (Do not bury the seed!)
  18. how to grow step 12

  19. Gently fill the hole wit soil.
  20. how to grow step 13

  21. After filling the hole with soil the seed should be positioned half in the soil and half on top of the soil.
    The seed should NOT be buried and NOT be elevated above the soil.
  22. how to grow step 14

  23. Press the soil down around the seed, so that the seed is on top of a ‘mountain’
  24. how to grow step 15

  25. Around the ‘mountain’ make a deep circle
  26. how to grow step 16

  27. If you give water in the circle the seed does not get wet, but the roots can take up water via the soil.
  28. how to grow step 17-18

  29. Place a plastic bag over the pot to keep warmth and moist inside for the first days.
  30. Not enough light will make the seedling stretch. If the seedlings gets long and thin, support it with a stick so it does not break.
  31. how to grow step 19

  32. The first leaves of the seedling are not true leaves but contain food for the young plant for the first days, like a battery. The next pair
    are true leaves which are single. Remove the plastic bag after the first true leaves are grown out.
  33. how to grow step 20

  34. After the single leaf pair the next leaf pair will have 3 leaflets each.
    The following leaf pair will have 5 leaflets, then 7 and then 9. Some plants will grow leaves with 11
    leaflets. Generally; the healthier a plant is the more leaflets it has.
  35. how to grow step 21

  36. Bigger plants are less fragile and it is safer to wait till they have a couple of true leaves
    before placing them outside. Plants need to get used to the sun or they will burn. You can help
    the plant adjust to the strong rays of the sun by first putting them outside in full shade for a day or two.
    Then place them under translucent plastic for another 2 days, this filters the strong light.
    After that the plants will not burn and die when they are placed in direct sunlight.