Auto AK47 Strain

Auto AK47 is a trade mark name invented and registered by us for the seeds we sell under this name since 1995.
Mostly Sativa

At last our multi award winning AK47 in an autoflowering version.Read more

Auto AK47 Strain Characteristics
Recommended veg. time
Indoor flowering time
Autoflowering, whole life cycle= 70-80 days
Indoor yield
40-75 gram per plant
Outdoor harvest time
70-80 days
THC levels
Very high
CBD levels
55,00 €

Auto AK47 Strain Description

At last our multi award winning AK-47 strain in an autoflowering version.

The plants will finally reach a height of 75-100 cm. Quite strong smelling plants with full big buds, covered in crystals and a sweetish, fruity, bit lemony and a bit spicey odour.

Strong in effect, THC only, no CBD. Medicinally grown plants can be used for chronic pains, anxiety and as mood enhancer. Can be grown anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Auto AK47:

Ellis D. gets blown away with amazement

Words & Pic s: Green Born Identity – G.B.I.


Ellis D. went on an auto mission again… for some time already, he had wondered how good the autoflowering version of Serious Seeds’ legendary AK-47 is, and now he set out to get himself an answer. The basic data about Auto AK47: Plants have a life cycle of 70-80 days, grow to heights of 75-100cm and are able to achieve a yield of 40-75 grams. It’s an all-purpose variety that thrives and prospers both indoors and outdoors. The plant’s large-dimensioned buds are richly covered in resin glands, producing a fairly strong scent that has a sweet and fruity nature with a slightly lemony and spicy side to it. With a cannabinoid profile containing practically no CBD at all, the effect of Auto AK47 is unabatedly driven by a formidable THC count. Serious Seeds recommends this plant for medical use, for instance physically against chronic pain disorders as well as mentally, in case of anxiety states or as a general mood booster.


Veg and early flowering stage: Auto AK47 sets a brisk pace

For the first time, Ellis D. used a “Grow for Life” grow cabinet, with a cultivation area of 46x46 cm and a height of 120 cm, perfect for his plan to grow just one plant. For germination, he set the cabinet’s digital control to germination mode. The feminised Auto AK47 seed sown delivered a fast sprouting performance, after a little less than three days, the auto seedling had popped up above the ground, ready for a big cultivation ride. Ten days into growth, it already exhibited a very strong and stable stem as well as a first three-fingered pair of leaves and four lateral shoot apexes protruding from the axils, soon rocketing upwards. The young plant noticeably picked up speed and only four days later displayed its first five-fingered pair of leaves. As early as on day 16, Ellis D. discovered female preflowering and commented, “this Auto AK47 plant really sets a brisk pace, with a remarkably early onset of flowering!” Its early growth pattern turned out to be very bushy which was still the case after 24 days, when the plant’s branches were lined with numerous green rose-shaped flower buds out of which 5 days later a lot of white hairs had come popping through. Day 37 saw those many flower heads covered in a beautifully glistening layer of resin glands already -  the plant’s trichome production had early gained momentum, too. In spite of revealing a fairly strong stretching temper during the first four weeks of flowering, the plant still had a bushy shape, albeit being much taller now of course. So tall that the distance towards the two LED lights in the cabinet’s ceiling became an issue as the minimum distance is supposed to be 40 cm to prevent bleaching. Ellis D. plugged a planting stick into the ground and bent the main stem down with an angle of about 45° to safeguard that distance.


The maturation stage: „A breath-taking whopper“

After 44 days, the buds were already well-developed and of respectable size. It was apparent at that point the head bud particularly was going to become a massive spectacle… Ellis D. was also extremely pleased with the flowers’ steadily increasing resin output and captivated by their sweet smell. Since the plant still displayed quite a dense foliage with many big shade leaves, Ellis D. decided to thin it out a bit to have more light get through to the inner and lower buds. In the following 3.5 weeks, this splendid auto ride launched into the final sprint: The dense tight buds, endowed with a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio, eventually opened their resin gates wide which gave them an enormously frosty appearance – “wow, this opulent trichome coating comes close to the original AK-47!”, confirmed Ellis D. Just as nice to look at was the fact the upper sugar leaves of the head bud and side tops partly turned purple. The head bud had grown to tremendous size in the end, spectacularly having achieved a real brick’s dimensions – “this is a true breath-taking whopper, such a gigantic top cola I’ve hardly ever witnessed in decades!”, said a totally flabbergasted Ellis D. Who happily noticed the flower scent wasn’t stingy with richness either, the aroma had come close to Serious Seeds’ description – it was very sweet and “much more fruity than expected, and this sort of fruit bouquet reminds of one of my most beloved fruits: mango, yippie yeah!”, Ellis D. rejoiced. It was only slightly underpinned with a bit of spiciness.


Very timely maturation

Right at the beginning of the harvest widow stated by Serious Seeds (70-80 days), Ellis D.’s Auto AK47 plant was fully mature, even one day earlier – on day 69, Ellis D. pulled out his harvest scissors. The final height of the plant, bent down, was 76 cm, but it actually was 90 cm as Ellis D. noticed when he released the head bud from the cord so that it straightened up again.  


The yield: Auto AK47 sets an all-time record

With not only the head bud, but also those numerous side tops boasting a massive size, Ellis D. stepped towards the scales some weeks later fully assured he had accomplished a three-digit yield. After he had weighed all the buds then, he exclaimed in astonishment though: “Holy cow, it’s an unbelievable total of 154.3 grams! This is by far the highest yield I’ve ever managed to score with a cannabis plant in my long cultivator career. And then this even happened with an automatic strain, a sort of cannabis plant I’ve never been able to get more than 90 grams from – this is the second bombshell result of this grow. Auto AK47 has shown an insane productivity, I’m blown away with amazement!”


Top-notch quality also in terms of taste and effect

Before his first Auto AK47 sampling session, Ellis D. was very eager to know of course whether the dried flowers would prove to be superb in the taste and effect department as well. This was definitely true for the taste, as he realised after a first toke off his Crafty+ vaporizer loaded with half a gram: “Simply delicious! The flavour is wonderfully smooth and just as sweet and fruity as the flower scent. Well, those times when auto weed always had a harsh note to it are long gone, but this auto cannabis flavour is, in the truest sense of the word, SERIOUSLY perfect.” An AK-47, the automatic machine gun, is able to fire very quickly, and so it was with the automatic marijuana of the same name – after having deeply inhaled two times, Ellis D. felt as if the sun would rise amidst grey clouds in his head… and come to full blaze there upon two more hits: Before this vaporising session, he had felt groggy and not been in a good mood because of several things happened during the day, but Auto AK47 managed to substantially lift his mood by steaming away his stress and fatigue. It was a lively sativa effect that made Ellis D. feel agile and jolly. He used that activating impetus to clear the dishwasher out and then peel and cut some vegetables for dinner – “there was nothing more exciting on the agenda that evening…”, he reported laughingly. For 1.5 hours, Auto AK47 carried him on a wave of well-being and mirthfulness. “Naturally, this auto version of AK-47 cannot fully compete with the potency of the original strain, but it has proven to be a perfect sort of wellness weed, an excellent stress remover and mood booster”, praised Ellis D.


The verdict: „An ultimate stunner“

Said Ellis D. in conclusion: „This Auto AK47 plant was an ultimate stunner!” It has delivered a sensational cultivation performance plus a personal all-time harvest record, and I’m also very delighted with its aroma and effect. No wonder it’s leading my personal list of autoflowering varieties now, far ahead of all the others! Another outcome was that the “Grow for Life” cabinet worked very well, and the same is true for the „Hortisol“ soil by Kañamu Pacha I’ve used for the first time – this product allows the grower to do without any extra fertilizer, which I did and nevertheless achieved that incredibly high yield.”

Green Born Identity – G.B.I.


Cultivation data:


Auto AK47

Life cycle

69 days / 70-80 days in general


Kañamu Pacha “Hortisol” soil, 17 litre pot




0.6 mS (pure tap water)


2 x SANlight Q1 = 100 Watt



Air humidity



by hand


CleanLight Pro for mould prevention


90 cm


154.3 grams

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