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  • About ‘topping’ of Chronic


    Question about the "CHRONIC" strain:

    could you me please explain this phrase on your site:

    "Do not top plants to encourage multiple big buds, as this strain does not respond well".

    What do you mean by saying this plant does not respond well to topping?



    This means that it is not a good idea to top (or clip) the plant (= cutting the very tip of the main stem to encourage forming of bigger side-buds).

    Chronic does not respond in a way that those sidebuds give a higher yield together than what the main bud should give.

    The main bud produces a huge cola which gives more weight when you not top it, than the total of the sidebuds when you would.


    Yield indicated for Chronic indoors


    I have a question about the yield indicated indoor for "Chronic".

    The web site indicates a yield based on a per meter squared formula.

    Does that mean one meter square dedicated for one plant, or does it mean all the plants that can be crammed together in a meter square.

    Guess what I am asking is (in a hypothetical greenhouse in a country where such activity is legal, how far apart should "chronic" be placed for the best yield.



    Chronic usually does best with about 12 plants per


    Chronic cutting/cloning and yield


    which plant from the serious seeds available collection produces the most yield.

    Also if I use cuttings/clones to make new plants will they have the same yield as the original plant.



    From our strains Chronic is by far the biggest yielder (up to 600gr/m2).

    A clone will yield the same (if you treat it the same way) as the original, as they are the same.


    Chronic 'pinching'

    What problems are there in pinching out Chronic?

    Does this mean I can't use it for a mother plant?


    Hi Peter,

    you can use Chronic for motherplants, no problem.

    But when you flower the plants some people like to clip the very top part away.

    This does promote sidebranches to grow out and as a result the plant ends up with 2 or 4 buds in stead of 1.

    Only in Chronic the total yield of those 4 much smaller buds is less than the 1 main bud would be.