The History of Serious Seeds

The breeder behind Serious Seeds, Simon, is responsible for the material sold by the seed bank.

He studied biology at one of the universities in Amsterdam and was always a non-smoker. (Non-tobacco-smoker, and therefore also non-cannabis-smoker, because in Holland it is common practice to mix marihuana with 'tobacco' and then roll a joint.) He only discovered the merits of smoking pure marihuana after his study while traveling through Africa in 1986. Today he remains one of the few Dutch, who smoke this wonder-plant in its pure form as one should.

From this moment on he started collecting seeds and put them into his private genetic library. Back in Holland he immediately started growing those seeds out for personal pleasure. Crossing what he thought were the best plants seemed a natural follow up. Contacts with other growers gave him access to different plants from which he also selected the best ones. The genetic background of this material was not always clear in this time.

Simon taught biology at a highschool when Alan Dronkers asked him to come and work at Sensi Seeds. This meant a drastic career-change for Simon, but he never regreted this step. After having worked a while for Sensi Seeds, Simon teamed up with two american “cannabis-refugees” and founded their own seed bank.

In that year (1994) the 'AK-47' and the 'Chronic' both won prices at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. After this exceptional success with his strains, the collaboration with the Americans was stopped and Simon founded his own seed bank “Serious Seeds” in 1995.

It has always been a Serious' policy to have the products grown from the different seeds available to try out in some of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The 'Greenhouse' is one of those coffeeshops, which carried Serious' products to smoke in the start in 1995. Greenhouse coffeeshop won a High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 with the Kali Mist grown by Serious Seeds.In 1996 another famous Amsterdam coffeeshop the 'De Dampkring' won the Overall Cup at that year's Cannabis Cup with the newest Serious strain: White Russian.

Another Serious' shop from the early days is the 'Blue Bird', who entered the Warlock in 1997 for the first time into the High Times Cananbis Cup and immediately won an award with it. They really sell what is listed instead of anything under an “often-asked-for” name.

Serious has always been a relatively small company, and prefers to stay like that.

We strive to develop new and interesting plants with good medicinal properties, which are stable and easy to grow, in order for caregivers to be able to provide high-quality medicine for medicinal cannabis patients.

This means we don't work to produce something new every year for commercial reasons or to compete in the next contest.

We want to put a new name out when we think we have something worth while for medicinal users, pot growers and smokers to try out.