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Referring to type of plant which are short, bushy, leafy with broad leafs, grows a dense, compact bud in a shorter flowering time than another type of plant; Sativa. More susceptible to budrot as sativa plants. Effect is more sedative and couchlock.


Type of plant which looks tall, slender, with open in stead of dense buds and longer flowering times. Smoking effect more cerebral, clear and energetic than other type of plant; Indica.

Recommended veg. time seedlings

The time a variety needs to 'grow' after planting the seeds before you induce flowering by switching to 12/12 hours of light/darkness. 'Grow' means 24 or 18 hours of light per day. There are 2 basic 'rules' 1) plants do not respond to 12/12 until appr. 4 weeks old. 2) the more light plants receive before start of flowering, the bigger and taller they will get. Goal is optimum plant size indoors under artificial lights. If plants need to be small; start with 12/12 sooner than recommended veg. time. If bigger plants are wanted; make the grow time last longer as recommended.

Indoor flowering time

Number of days that the plant needs to produce finished flowers (buds) after switching to 12/12 hours of light/darkness

Indoor yield

The total weight of the dried buds after the harvest

Outside/Greenhouse harvest time

When plants grown outside, or in a greenhouse, are ready to harvest in Holland. The closer you grow to the equator, the earlier the harvest date becomes. For Spain this is about 1 to 2 weeks earlier than the given date.

Medicinal Plant

Plant seemingly useful for certain groups of patients (usually high concentration of THC and/or CBD)

Strain or Variety

A line of plants with certain characteristics derived from ancestors which are bred to express these charecteristics in their off spring