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General Questions

How to germinate seeds successfully?

How to sprout a seed → LINK

Distance of the lights

Dear Simon,

How far should a 400 watt hps be from the plants.

I am keeping it at about 12 inches from them.

I bought seeds from you recently. they are in early flowering now and are fantastic looking.

Thank you for your help.




Hi Mark,

Keep your light 40 cm or more away.

It is also a good plan to have a circulation fan move the air between light and tops.



Drying/fermentation of endproduct

Hello Simon,

How are you?

I wanted to know if you guys make the weed for "The 2'de Kamer" and Dampkring? Or if they make it themselves?

Not all weed, and we do not produce but control the making of Kali Mist and AK-47, because it is important that customers get the top quality.

The reason why is because it’s fermented / dried very good.

I would like to know a technique of drying / fermentation for the weed.


Clean the weed inside by giving clear water the last week of growing, rise through.

Clip all leaf of. After harvest hang up on the stems in the dark to dry.

Let dry slowly for a week or so, this means no forced drying with the aid of fans or heaters, but do not close the room to prevent mold. After that, drying may go quicker with aid of ventilation. At all times, during harvest till handling the dry product, NEVER touch the buds, only the stems. That's it.

Can students do a practicum at your institution?


No sorry, just follow THE SERIOUS METHOD mentioned above. We will keep it in mind for the future.

How many plants per square meter = How many clones per square meter


a few questions.

How many plants on 1 square meter?

How long time from seeds to harvest?

Your sincerely




Plants per sq. meter depends on variety,

AK-47: 25 plants/m2
Bubble Gum: 20-25 plants/m2
Chronic: 12-15 plants/m2
Kali Mist: 25 plants/m2
White Russian: 20-25 plants/m2

How soon you flower them, if you started with clones or seeds and where you grow in.

From seed to start flower time 5-6 weeks.

Flower time depends on variety.


We still have not received your money yet.

Then it's probably stolen.

I've been fucked by the post- office again.

I'm very sorry about that. You have to register or better insure for a certain amount. Also wrap it well in carbonpaper or alu. foil to be really certain.

I don't know how they see it but sometimes mail with money in- side does get lost.



A friend of mine once worked for the UK Post Office.

He said that during the night shift, when the manager was not there, some workers used to systematically scan envelopes in the X-ray machine.

This was designed to check for bombs and such but also show- ed up the metal strips that run through most paper currency.

During the Christmas period, when people send money to their relatives, some crooked workers were stealing hundreds of pounds a night!!

Can I have a few sample seeds?

Hey. I was just wondering if u had any G13 seeds or know anybody who does if u get a chance e-mail us back with any info u get thank u for your time and patience. From J

P.S. one more thing I have been screwed over many times with seed companies so I would really appreciate if u would send us a sample seed because I would really like to buy some seeds from u thank u once again for your time and patience.

You have to include country with address, we cannot smell where you live.

G13 we do not have, it is an old Seedbank strain and Sensi took over their stuff. Ask there.

We sell through shops on our Shoplist worldwide, they get checked all the time if they sell the real thing or not.


The customer will get new stuff if the shop sells the wrong product (never happened to our outlets, but outside this list, shops exist who do sell fake Serious Seeds!!!). The number on each seed package is your warranty and basis of contact between you and us.
We do not send seeds to pro-mote ourselves. Our reputation proves that we do the right thing and would crumble soon if we started to sell bogus stuff.

I hope this answers your question


THC levels in plants

I read that tests done recently in the uk claimed white russian thc level was at 22%.

If true what levels of THC are found in Chronic, AK-47, and Kali Mist?

Also how improved is Chronic? does it yield more, or does it pack more kick?

Also what strain of yours do you most prefer?



The THC levels of AK-47 and Kali Mist were measured also in the UK from seedplants, and all were between 18-20%.

Chronic was not tested there, but is pretty strong as well.

You have to realize that the strongest plants are normally about 16-18% THC.

These were the highest found THC % amongst 260 different strains!

Chronic primarily has been made stronger, more kick.

I prefer Kali Mist myself.


THC in seeds?

Hi Simon

I wanted to know what these seeds are made of and if they have any THC contained with it.

I am very interested in purchasing some if they contain the proper chemicals.

The seeds are 'made' from good parents.

The seed itself does not contain THC.

But as soon as they grow into plants they will start producing it.

Almost all of our plants produce more THC than most others.


On trichomes and when to harvest

Hi Simon,

Sorry to bother you, but I am having difficulty deciding when to harvest.

Do you go by microscope and trichome color?

Currently the trichomes are 50% cloudy with about 20% amber hair, and 8-10% amber trichomes.

I am trying a 2 day dark period before harvest, to see if this increased resin theory works.

Do you believe in this theory?

The WR plant I am talking about is a my best specimen yet.

2000 HPS and 2 fans blowing directly on her.

What is your opinion on trichome development?



Hi Matt,

Yes, I go by trichome coloration. It sounds like yours are ready for harvest.

The increased resin theory I cannot support from own experience.

I think anyhow that there will not be more resin secretion, but there might be a little higher % of THC in the resin being secreted.

Can you tell me a source of someone who describes how he or she thinks why it works?

The only thing I can say is that Carl Turner (US scientist who works for Government) says THC content is highest early in the morning and therefore early morning is the best time for harvest.

Would an extended day improves this?

I do not know.

But why worry, a plant as strong as the White Russian is so strong that a little fluctuation in THC% still leaves others way behind and is nothing to worry about.

Good harvest,


Unregistered envelopes with money

Dear Serious Seeds

I am not sure what I can do but I doubt much.

I made an order to seeds direct for 1 pack of AK-47 and also 1 pack of Chronic.

I sent them $175 US on 04/16/2002 in a brown bubble envelope.

They say they have no in- formation in connection with my order and they can't find it.

They felt my order was legitimate which it was and they are sending me 3 packs of nirvana seeds so I will at least have something for the summer.

I triple checked everything so I am positive there was no mistakes on my part and this came to almost a full weeks pay after you add the exchange rate.

I am thankful that they are at least sending me something but I am not happy at all, that I am not getting your seeds and after all I paid $175 US for 30 nirvana seeds.

I will not have near the quality of seeds I paid for and I feel horrible.

I see bad comments about Seedsdirect on OG and also on CW and there has been some very weird stuff like people getting packages that aren't in the original breeders packs.

I figured most of it was just competing seed companies but when customers are getting seeds that are not in breeders packs and have very poor germination rates their credibility is effected in my opinion and I will never recommend them to anyone.

I feel robbed.

Thanks for listening.



Hi Ryan,

I'm very sorry about your situation, but also look at it from the point of the seed-seller. Unregistered envelopes with money do sometimes go missing also in Holland, we always say to register them otherwise there is no way to verify you send anything.

Missing registered envelopes are dealt with fully as if they had arrived.

I don't know seeds-direct its policy in this, but it seems nice to at least give something in return if there is no proof of mailing. This is how I understand your situation. Apart from that, we replace orders if a serious complaint about our seeds exists.

This is about the seeds themselves or about possible non-Serious Seeds sold by an outlet found on our list of outlets.

(The latter never happened so far)

This all has to do with the trust I want people to have in Serious Seeds and in the outlets I think are trustworthy.

I do not unravel details of mail orders of other resellers. That’s not my job.

Any unreliable way of dealing with orders will surface and clear itself up, in the interest of the outlet also.

I am however interested in the selling of seeds that are not packed in the original breeders packs but named as Serious by any shop.

I never had any complaints so far about seeds-direct, do you know any?


I appreciate the reply and it does suck but I will lose $250 and others will loose a good chunk of change.

I am glad I am a valued member of OG, CW, Medseed, SSC and I can help put a stop to all the people turning a blind eye.

I will make sure to start a thread on every site so this doesn't continue.

Thanks - Ryan


Hi Ryan,

One more reply.

I really help the people who bought serious seeds but where something went wrong.

To receive my help I have to have some confirmation that a purchase, or an attempt to, was made.

You have to understand that we get a lot of emails from people who try to get free seeds, and use every lie out in the book to achieve this.

It is up to the seed company to determine who is legit and who not.

Try to make it easy for us by registering or by what ever means you can think of.

If you can somehow show that you made an order let me know.