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FAQs about ordering

How are the seeds packed?

•  Serious Seeds are always packed per 11 regular seeds or 6 feminized seeds in a transparent and airtight tube.
•  The plastic tube is glued or taped to a booklet.
•  The booklet has the Serious Seeds logo, the strain name and a symbol for feminized or regular on the frontside.
•  The inside of the booklet features a picture of the strain on the right side and an informational text on the left side.
•  The backside of the booklet features a disclaimer about cannabis-genetics, the Serious Seeds company information and most importantly the serial-number of the package.
•  All packages are individually numbered
•  The serial-number enables us to identify the pack as Serious Seeds' genetics and tells us when it was produced and where it was sold to.
•  Keep the package for future reference in case a quality problem occurs with the seeds.
•  We GUARANTEE THE QUALITY of our seeds and we issue a FREE REPLACEMENT for seeds which do NOT GERMINATE!!!
•  We ONLY will issue a replacement, if the customers provides us with the serial-number of the pack he has a problem with.

What are the shipping options for my order?

    • During the ordering process you can choose the following:
     –  STANDARD-shipping: Order will be sent as normal letter in the mail (no signs of Serious Seeds on the outside!)
     –  SAFE-shipping: Order will be repacked and sent hidden. Sending SAFE means that the order is untraceable and therefore the risk of delivery lays with the customer!
     –  REGISTERED-shipping: Order will be sent as registered letter via with a trackingnumber, so it cannot get lost in the mail.
     –  SAFE AND REGISTERED-shipping: Order will be repacked and sent hidden as registered letter via with a trackingnumber, so it cannot get lost in the mail.

What are the shipping costs of my order?

•  For a total order-volume equal to or below 80,- Euro we charge 5,- Euro for shipping costs.
•  For a total order-volume above 80,- Euro we charge no shipping costs.
•  The costs for the different shipping options are:
     – STANDARD-shipping: 5,- Euro or FREE  
     – STEALTH-shipping: 5,- Euro or FREE  
     – REGISTERED-shipping: 15,- Euro.  
     – STEALTH AND REGISTERED-shipping: 15,- Euro

How long before I receive my order?

•  You should expect 7 - 14 days after placing your order before you have the seeds.
•  If you pay per creditcard via our homepage, we process your payment the same or following business day.
•  If you send money by mail, it normally takes 3 or 4 days before it is in our mailbox. We open the mailbox twice per week.
•  If you pay by banktransfer, it always takes 7-10 days before we receive the money on our bank account. Therefore, if you pay per banktransfer you should expect something between 9 to 14 days before you get the seeds.
•  We ship the seeds the same or next business day after we receive the payment.
•  Shipping of the seeds takes again 3 or 4 days in the mail, but with weekends etc. it really can be a total of 14 days before you receive the seeds.
•  You can be lucky and get the seeds in 7 days, but it can also take 14 days.
•  Please don't contact us about your order before 14 days have passed.
•  If you have not received your order 14 days after you sent cash or did the bank transfer, please e-mail us immediatly to:

Are there any discounts available for my order?

•  For a total order-volume equal to or above 500,- Euro we give 10% discount on the whole order-volume.
•  For a total order-volume equal to or above 1000,- Euro we give 20% discount on the whole order-volume.
•  The discount you will receive on your order is automatically calculated and applied by the homepage when you place the order.

What is the status of my order?

    • The status of your order can be:
     –  order received: You have placed the order successfully at our homepage, no payment has been made yet.
     –  order shipped: You have placed an order, we have received the payment and we have shipped the order.

How can I check the status of my order?

•  In order to check the status of your delivery, you have to be registered at our homepage.
•  Log on to your account at the Serious Seeds homepage and check the status of your current orders.
•  If you have placed an order at our homepage using the guest-checkout (=without registering an account) you can check the status with the order-number you received via e-mail after placing the order.