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  • Cleaning Bubble Gum from fungus spores

    Hi I ordered some bubblegum seeds through seedsdirect, I have heard that these seeds do not germinate too well, could you please give me some tips, (is there any point lightly scratching the seed coat with sandpaper??) any other cultivation info?? Also could you please tell me how long to veg the seedlings for, aprox height of finished plants and aprox yield under 400w hps.

    I know its hard to answer these questions but an aproximate would be great.


    Hi there,

    Serious Seeds are fresh and easy to germinate, complaints are very rare. Sandpaper I've never tried. I tried a bleach solution; 1 part bleach and 10 parts water. Put the seeds in it for few seconds. Then dry them in a paper towel and put them between wet paper (kitchen) towel.

    This removes most fungi spores from the seed coat which cause most problems. Bubble Gum has going the first 2 or 3 weeks. Make sure it does not get overgrown by neighbour plants during this time. When the start has been made BG is in fact a strong and healthy grower.

    On the other hand, the reason to give 11 seeds in a pack is to make sure that the customer has a fair change of getting a few good females, even if some fail. 
    See also the site or catalog for standard info.


    Which has less odor, and THC% - Chronic or Bubble Gum?

    I'm trying to decide which strain of yours to grow? 
    Naturally I would like to have a high THC producing plant but also would like one that doesn't have a strong odor while growing. 
    I'm interested in White Russian, Bubble Gum and Chronic which strain has the least amount of undesirable odor? 
    I have been searching for a THC content on chronic and bubble gum but have not found any info.
    (White Russian, AK 47, and Kali Mist all are at 20-22% correct?) 
    I also see other seed companies claiming that their Bubble Gum strain is the original, what's up with that? and if I were to grow one of the 3 strains mentioned in active hydroponics (5 gallon pots). 
    At what height do you flip to 12/12 lighting to grow impressive buds like the many photos I've seen of Chronic.
    I would be using 1000 hps air cooled bulb. 
    I would like to thank you in advance for a response as I know it would be detailed and time consuming. considering the amount of e mails you recieve I greatly aprreciate you time and expertise.
    I anxiously await a reply so I can make my final decisions and get started.


    John, in BC Canada




    Kali is the least smelly for sure. THC % of Bubble Gum and Chronic I do not know exactly. Both are relatively strong compared to seeds of other seed-companies. 
    Bubble Gum is very popular for the combination of nice odour and nice high. 
    THseeds has the original BG also, others do not.
    Pre grow time is given in catalog/website.